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AGM voted and non-voted lists

posted 16 Apr 2016, 02:14 by KBC Webservant

At the AGM we produce a list celebrating the talents and service of the many people at KBC who carry out a whole spectrum of jobs faithfully throughout the year. From coffee rota to library coordinators, from youth work to flower arranging - a lot of the roles which people often do unnoticed and are carried out quietly behind the scenes. This is the one chance in the year when we can say a big 'thank you' to everyone who contributes, and it is important that the list which is produced is as accurate as possible.

A draft list will be put on the notice board, and if you undertake a role within the church please make sure your name appears, and also, if you used to do a job and no longer do, please cross it out. If you organise a rota within the church also please check it to make sure all your volunteers names appear. This is quite a big task for Jakki & Adina to finalise - it would be great if we could get an accurate picture of the life of KBC. Please take the time to look over the lists.