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Akin, Brian & Mark take on Kili

posted 13 Dec 2015, 02:45 by KBC Webservant   [ updated 13 Dec 2015, 02:48 by KBC Web Admin ]
Thank you so much for your generosity with our fundraising. You have given nearly £9000 to our group of 3 and with the matching funds expected from Microsoft ( Mark’s employers) we would have raised over £10,000 to support less privileged children in some of the poorest parts of the world. As I go off I am really humbled by your support and generosity and the good wishes of *safari njema that many have expressed. As promised I will blog my exploits and send you a You Tube link once edited—but meanwhile you can follow us on Facebook at We will be joining a larger group (about 15) to climb Kili leaving on Dec 2nd to raise funds for Viva Network ( an Oxford based charity that works with vulnerable children in Latin America, Asia and Africa.
Thanks again and I genuinely appreciate the fantastic support that I have had—and I am aware that some have chosen to give anonymously. As they say in Swahili—Asante ! (* bon voyage!) Akin Adeniran