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Andrew and Janet Persson

posted 23 Nov 2014, 00:23 by KBC Webservant   [ updated 23 Nov 2014, 00:23 by KBC Web Admin ]

Andrew and Janet are in South Sudan (16 November to 7 December).  They were asked to go as consultants to advise two translation teams.  Janet will be working with the Dinka translators checking their translation of 2Chronicles.  They have now translated all the rest of the Old Testament, so when this book is checked it will be an important milestone for them.  The team that Andrew will work with are from a tribe where the vast majority of the people are not Christians, so they have to be very careful.  He will be checking their translation of part of Genesis, plus the book of Esther. 
During this last year the political situation in South Sudan has not been good, with fighting and a major rebellion in part of the country.  However Juba has been free from trouble since January and the translation projects based there have been able to make good progress with their work. 
They would appreciate your prayers for travel, health, safety, good relationships, wisdom and guidance.  Stuart Weir.