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Bradford mission

posted 20 Aug 2016, 06:23 by KBC Webservant
After Soul Survivor, some of our young people will have the opportunity to immediately put their renewed passion for God to good use, by supporting a holiday outreach mission in Bradford for a few days. The holiday outreach mission is an annual primary school age programme organized by our mission partner, Jenny Green of the St. Matthew’s Church Bankfoot Street Mission, Bradford. Initially we had very little interest from our young people, but God miraculously turned it around by kindling more interest in our young people. This development is truly encouraging for me and Jenny Green.
Jenny plans to have our young people serving as activity station assistants and she plans to host us by providing room and board. We will set off on that journey at 7.30am on 31st August to return on the evening of 2nd September. Please pray into the event for good weather, safe journeys, good relationships and most importantly, a joyful experience of serving children in need of the Love of God. Thank you.
Ugo Anagor