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Food Bank

posted 29 Jul 2011, 04:55 by KBC Webservant   [ updated 29 Jul 2011, 04:57 by KBC Web Admin ]
The Food Bank has had a generous donation of sweet pickle, marmalade &
ginger jam, which are well in date. Some has been passed on to other food
banks but we still have a surplus. What we want to do is offer you the spare jars
and if you could in return make a donation of something that we can use we
can avoid waste, here is a list of what we do need.

Tins of tomatoes, rice pudding, meat & potatoes. Jars of coffee & pasta sauce,
packets of biscuits and cartons of long life semi skimmed milk.

So please help yourself today from the box in the main hall, and then when
you have shopped pop a donation in the box at the rear of the church by the
Please continue to support us by using the Food Bank Nectar cards, these
points are invaluable and have helped buy what we are short of.
Thank you for your help and support.