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Prayer for KBC mission partners

posted 23 Feb 2014, 05:20 by KBC Webservant   [ updated 23 Feb 2014, 05:20 by KBC Web Admin ]
Please pray for Jenny Green. Jenny’s latest letter (see notice board) reports
that she has been obliged to give up working in Uganda because of her own
health and Joe’s educational needs. This is a great wrench for her and the
children. CMS have agreed to relocate her as a mission partner to a mission
situation in the UK. So pray for the right place where Joe and Hannah will
have schools that fit their needs and Jenny will be able to use her gifts. Pray
too for their goodbye visit to Kisoro in the Easter holidays, and for the Potters
Village to continue strong in its care and support for vulnerable babies and
their families.
Prayer is also needed for David & Claire-Lise Judkins, our BMS mission
partners in France. They are coming to the end of their time in Sommières and
want to know where they should serve in the future. They have been
consulting with the French equivalent of Baptist Home Mission as they feel a
great desire to plant churches in areas without a lively Christian witness. It has
been warming to hear about the way God has blessed their ministry in France
Clare Tunbridge, based in Beirut but country director for Medair’s relief effort
to Syrian refugees in both Lebanon and Jordan. There is a new influx of
refugees from the beleagered city of Homs, as you may have heard on the
news. Pray for Medair to have enough funds for their work and for the other
agencies and Lebanese churches that are doing their best to make life
bearable for those who have lost homes and relatives and have no clear