TGI Youth Club

Don't stay in on Fridays!

TGI is a youth club for young people in school Year 9 and above.

7:30 pm- 9:30pm

TGI is a fun packed evening of games, sports, films, loud music, messing around, and general silliness and there always seems to be food.For some reason at TGI we seem to spend a lot of time throwing things at each other. This could be water, eggs, flour, bean bags, balls or powder paint and you wouldn’t believe the number of times at the end of the evening that the leaders have thought “we are going to be in so much trouble for this mess”.

We normally meet at the church but during summer months we often end up in the park and in addition we also do special events such as bowling, Lazer Kombat, sleepovers and camps.

Recently we did an evening thinking about homelessness where we built cardboard shelters and slept in the car park to see what it is really like. And the answer was………cold.

Contact: Scott Cheeseman

Phone: 07515 539622