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Dovecote Café

A quiet shared space where it's ok not to be ok

Sundays 3pm-5pm & Thursdays 10am-12pm

A place for shared experiences and friendships. You are invited to bring a hobby or an activity to share with others.

What to expect...

  • When you arrive someone will say hello and show you where to get a cup of tea or coffee, and a slice of cake. There's no charge for the refreshments (although any donations that are made we pass on to local charities)

  • We provide jigsaws, colouring in, wool for knitting etc. but if you'd like to bring along a hobby to do or share with others please do.

  • We tend to sit and chat in twos or threes around tables as we engage in our hobby / craft of choice.

  • There's also a quiet room / prayer space which adjoins the cafe which you can use at any time if you want to take some time out to reflect in the stillness.

  • At some point in each session there's an opportunity to join a short (10min) time of led prayer / quiet reflection in the quiet room if you'd find that helpful, but there's absolutely no pressure to do so!

The Dovecote is part of a national initiative called Renew Wellbeing, a charity which helps churches open spaces of welcome and inclusion in partnership with mental health teams to improve mental and emotional wellbeing.

For more information you can visit their website here.