The Link

The Link is a vibrant hub of lively 11 to 16 year olds who meet together during the morning service. After joining in with the communal spirit of the main service, we venture off to our own Bible study and discussion group, plus fun and games.

The mission of the Link is be a stepping stone for young people transitioning from Junior Church to the morning service. We get that each young person's journey will be unique. Some young people decide to "mix and match" Link & the main service, sometimes they choose to remain in the church service and other times they will come out and be part of the Link. Over time, the members are gently nudged to take part in areas of ministry in the church, perhaps helping Junior Church or adding their own style to outreach events, or joining rotas like coffee or welcoming team.

Our toolkit is Urban Saints Energise material, sparking conversations on a variety of topics, often based on what the youth would like to talk about but generally in line with the topics going on in Junior Church. Most Sundays, the discussion will tangent to things important to the group, and we talk about how God's word shows us how to act and behave.

And there's always time for plenty of games, based on the theme of the day. We would like to apologise for the times we can be heard in the main service 😀