24/7 prayer: Hope

Sun 7th June - Sun 14th June 2020


Welcome to our virtual prayer space and this week of continuous prayer and praise, a communal flow of words, pictures, songs and heart-messages to God. Whether you're a seasoned prayer warrior, or this is the first time you've rustled up an 'amen' since primary school assembly days, you are welcome! Anyone can pray, everyone gets to play, and all you need to do is start talking to God - He will hear! These webpages are packed with lots of prayer prompts and inspiration for all ages and stages - we hope they help to shape and furnish your prayers.

During this time of lockdown anxiety and global crisis the world desperately needs HOPE. It is our privilege to press the God of all hope on behalf of our world; to partner with his Spirit in creating pathways through the chaos; to bring our gut-felt hopes, tentative spiritual intuitions, willing thoughts, creative gifts, determined actions, relational networks, and social influences and placing them all in the hands of God for the sake of our world. Who knows what he might do with what we give him?

Ways to interact:

Each prayer zone has a section for families and youth - please encourage children and youth to get involved

Sign up for a prayer slot

Email prayer@kidlington-baptist.org.uk to:

- send prayer requests

- send prayers to be displayed on these pages

- send images of your own scattered prayer space

- send images of your candles

- send your images of what hope means to you

Use this form to tell us which local streets you've been praying for

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Knit a square for a collaborative blanket - see Sensing Hope page

Visit our prayer tree in the KBC garden - see Hope for Our Community page

Scattered Prayer Spaces

Some members of KBC have set up 'scattered prayer spaces' at home as a place to take time out to pray and mull over God's word.

Please send photos to prayer@kidlington-baptist.org.uk of your prayer space, to be included here

Images of Hope

Some members of KBC have sent images of their sprigs of hope.

Please send photos to prayer@kidlington-baptist.org.uk of your images of hope, to be included here