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There are around 200 countries in the world. How many of these can we pray for over the week of 24/7 prayer?

Please click here to tell us the country you have prayed for so that it can be marked on the map. If you like, you can also include a short prayer.

The map is being updated several times a day – please come back again later to see the changes.

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Getting started

“I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. ” I Timothy 2:1 (NLT)

Praying for the world with its infinite needs can feel a bit daunting. But if each of us spent just five minutes of our one hour slot praying for a situation outside of the UK, that would add up to 14 hours of prayer over the week. Even in human terms that sounds significant and God is able to “accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think” (Eph 3:20). He takes our little prayers and multiplies them to great effect, ensuring that every prayer counts.

If you need some tips to get started, 24/7 Prayer Pray for the World has a range of suggestions.

If you are ready to go, here are some prayer suggestions from around the world and prayer requests from our mission partners

Prayer suggestions from around the world

Here you will find general information and prayer points for over 200 countries. A good starting point is Prayer videos from 60 countries, lasting about 3 minutes each. These show something of the landscape and the people with the voice-over of a local person praying for their country.

Visit the Country pages for more information and prayer points. You might also like to pray for a country from the list that you know little or nothing about.

Working in over 50 of the poorest countries of the world, Tearfund aims to end poverty and bring material and spiritual hope.

The Coronavirus page includes a range of prayer resources relating to the pandemic.

The Latest page has stories and prayer points about other ongoing situations.

BMS works in around 35 countries seeking to transform the lives of people in fragile states and under-evangelised communities. The home page has links to stories from around the world. The Coronavirus page includes links to recent videos of mission workers describing their local situation.

The latest prayer requests from our own BMS partner workers , Mark Greenwood and Paul and Sarah Brown, can be found in the mission partners section below.

Open Doors supports people suffering for their faith in 60 countries and aims to raise awareness of global persecution. The home page has current stories from around the world. The Watch list highlights the top 50 toughest places to be a Christian.

Operation Mobilisation has teams in over 110 countries sharing God’s love in areas where Jesus is least known. The home page has stories and short videos (two to three minutes) to help direct your prayers.

World Vision is particularly concerned to improve the lives of vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty. The home page has links to stories from over 100 countries.

Other sources of world news

The news is heavily dominated by coronavirus but there are still many other needs around the world. Pray for some of the current situations reported on BBC World News or Al Jazeera

Mission partners prayer requests

See below for more detailed information.

Naomi Dawson

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES)

Europe Regional Training Co-ordinator supporting students and leaders in 40 countries

· Pray for stamina as Nay continues to have a busy schedule running online training and conferences for students and leaders around Europe. She is also heavily involved n Community in Crisis, training churches in online evangelism, Zoom and social media.

· Pray for good time management and protection for family life as she and John juggle working from home alongside home-schooling and caring for Anya and Agnes.

Paul and Sarah Brown - Thailand

BMS World Mission

Currently supporting the New Life Centre Foundation shelter for young girls at risk in Chiang Mai

· Pray for patience and perseverance as Paul and Sarah cope with the frustration of delay to starting their bakery project, health concerns and the cancellation of their home assignment because of Covid 19.

· Pray for good relationships to be built with local people who they are supporting with shopping and practical help. Some who would not normally have any Christian contact are watching services online.

Mark and Suzana Greenwood

BMS World Mission

Based in Didcot, Mark is Regional Team Leader for South America and Sub-Saharan Africa

· Pray for health and emotional resilience for the teams in Uganda, Mozambique and Peru; pray for wisdom for Mark and the other BMS Regional Team Leaders providing support and guidance.

· Remember Suzana, working as a TB nurse in Oxford and Edward and Ana, continuing university studies at home.

Jenny Green

Community Chaplain in Bradford

· Pray for an increased sense of community as Jenny and colleagues support local people with meals and practical help.

· Pray for Hannah doing university studies at home and for Jo, who could be in school, but has stopped going.

Potters Village - Uganda

A child crisis and medical centre in Kisoro, founded by Jenny Green

· Give thanks that Covid 19 has so far been fairly well contained in Uganda and pray for that to continue.

· Pray for good health for staff and children at the centre and financial provision while income from work for local health services has ceased.

Krickwin and Hmingi Marak - North India

Teaching and admin at Harding Theological College

· The college is due to re-open this week. Pray for wisdom in practical arrangements and protection for staff and students.

· Pray for local churches who are sharing their limited resources to support those in the community who have lost their income.

József and Agnes Kovács - Romania

Pastoring six churches over a scattered area, including three Gypsy fellowships

· Pray for strength and good health for Josef providing leadership and pastoral care.

· Pray for local leaders to find creative ways of supporting members in rural congregations with limited access to online resources.

Stuart Weir


Promoting a Christian presence in sport

· Pray for athletes who have lost income and structure to life with the cancellation of so many events; and for the zoom Bible Studies and chats that Stuart (plus Jules and Graham from Christians in Sport) are offering to support them

· Pray for the Togo football girls as they struggle to survive as schools are closed and some parents' income has dried up. There is no social security to help.

Andrew and Janet Persson

Wycliffe Bible Translators, South Sudan

Formally retired, but Andrew continues to provide consultancy with occasional visits

· Pray for the ongoing work on the translation of the book of Joshua into the Murle language.

· There are now nearly 1000 cases of Covid-19 in South Sudan. Pray that this would not spread further as there is effectively no health care system or means of dealing with this sort of crisis.

More detailed news from our mission partners.

Mission partners news June 2020.pdf


Open Doors

Open Doors has a great range of activities for families.

You might like to start with How big is your family?

A series of beautiful child-friendly films with stories from Nigeria, North Korea, Syria, India, Central Asia and Iraq. With accompanying placemats to print off. A great way to introduce children to the persecuted church.

Pray for the world activity

Prayer Spaces At Home prayer activity

Water activity-1.pdf


Open Doors

Open Doors has suggestions for youth leaders to use with groups. The prayer resources section has some short videos that could be watched on your own at home.

Hope for the world - Youth.pdf