Hope for the Future

3 Bold and Motivating Prayers

Our emerging 5 year vision for the KBC church family


Our Hope

Is that God will sharpen the evangelistic edge of every aspect of our gathered and scattered life so that more gospel seed finds out more fertile soil in our community. We long to see an exciting increase in the number of those coming to faith, and becoming real, radical, resilient and reproducing disciples of Jesus.

A Bold & Motivating Prayer

Father, we pray that we will experience a new baptism of Spirit-led boldness and clarity in our personal and corporate faith-sharing as we work towards a tenfold increase in the number of people with whom we regularly and explicitly share the gospel message. We are praying that as a result, we will see a substantial increase in the number of people who respond to your Son Jesus; becoming active participants in our church community, and choosing to be baptised.


Our Hope

Is to practically express God’s love and provision towards those struggling with mental, material and relational poverty in our community by helping to establish a new beachhead of wellbeing and soul-enriching community in our village.

A Bold & Motivating Prayer

Father, we pray that you would guide us into key partnerships that will help us to birth a well-being café / community hub with a Christian ethos in the heart of Kidlington by 2025.


Our Hope

Is to more faithfully exercise our responsibility towards the world God has made, and be a prophetic witness and force for good in our community towards a response to climate change and the social injustices it leads to.

A Bold & Motivating Prayer

Father, we pray that you will help us to achieve A Rocha’s Eco-Church accreditation, and to play our part in facilitating a Greener Kidlington through the formation of some kind of community partnership for change.

I have a Dream

KBC's Vision 2020

Hope filled scripture

Suggested Music

I have a Dream

With the recent killing of George Floyd there appears to be to be no better time to dream of a better world.

Watch this video adaptation of Martin Luther King’s famous speech


Try to write down your Dreams for a better world using the sheet provided


KBC's Vision 2020

For the last 8 months as a church we have been following an envisioning process to find out what God is calling us to

Reflect on the latest Envisioning document.

What is you feeling about this as a direction of travel for the Church?

What is God calling you to as a part of this?

Do you feel excited or scared by this?

What gifts and skills do you have that could bless these visions?

KBC envisioning 2020.pdf

Hope filled scripture

You could spend some time reading these scriptures about how God remembers his people and has a place prepared for them; how about using the Lectio Divina approach

Genesis 8

Psalm 40

Psalm 130

Isaiah 65: 17-25

Revelation 21: Johnny Cash reads Revelation 21

Lockdown Curiosity

Please pray for our upcoming Lockdown Curiosity course (see here for more info!) starting on the 18th June.

Please pray:

  • that it would be profoundly helpful to people in our community who are searching spiritually - perhaps for the first time or after many years away.

  • That God would use it to speak into people's lives and reveal himself to them.

  • For the team as they make the final preparations and for a great group atmosphere and rapport

  • For the publicity as it goes out via various channels

  • For God to give you a nudge and opportunity if there's someone you know whom he wants you to invite!

Our Prayers for the Future

Send your prayers to prayer@kidlington-baptist.org.uk to be added to this document


Hope for the future - dreams for the future.pdf
Hope for the future - childrens - church ideas.pdf


Hope for the future - moodboard.pdf
Hope for the future - youth - church ideas.pdf