Hope for Our Community

Prayer walking

(in person or virtually)

Why not use your daily exercise to take a prayer walk around our streets, praying for things you notice and hearing what God may be saying to you?

This map is being updated with the streets and places we've prayed for.

Please click here to send details of the streets/places you've prayed for (and a short prayer if you'd like) to be included on this map.

The map is being updated several times a day - please come back again later to see the changes.

Can we cover every street in Kidlington and beyond?

As I cycled around our village feeling challenged and out of my comfort zone to photograph our Landmarks - I soon realised that we have a vast array of "Landmarks". All emergency Services are represented in Kidlington, with several schools, churches, supermarkets and many varying businesses. Behind each door and window of every building - home and business lives are being lived very differently to that of 2 months ago. There is a real need for Prayer at this extremely challenging time.

Prayer prompts:

~ Emergency Services ~ Schools ~ Shops ~

~ Churches ~ Neighbourhoods ~

~ Recreation ~ Transport ~ Pubs/Restaurants. ~

~ Care/Nursing Homes ~

~ Doctors Surgeries ~ Sorting Office ~ Library ~ Recycling ~

Use these photos and video of Kidlington as a launch pad for your prayers for the community around you

villege wizz.mp4

Thank you George for recording this video!

Visit our prayer tree at Kidlington Baptist Church


Hope for our community - Family.pdf


Hope for our community - Photo Challenge.pdf