Sensing Hope

Sensing Hope - a chance to use our creative gifts to explore prayer in a sensory way. Use some of the ideas shown below or let us know some other ways you have used paint or craft in your prayers.

For a large number of resources on craft ideas, or how to set up a prayer space at home visit:

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Please email us the ways you've been creatively praying and praising

** Knitting a collective Prayer Blanket **

** ongoing project **

Ruth likes to knit while she prays or listens to an audio bible or read a book or listen to worship music.

She would like us to knit a collective prayer blanket, to be stitched together when we're able to meet again, for use in a church prayer space. Please knit as many 6inch squares as you can, using whatever wool and pattern you would like!

Click on the picture to make your own dove or try origami

Paint on a pebble words of hope - and leave somewhere on your Prayer Walk for your neighbors to find.

These are the pencils and postcards I use for praying for people - as I colour I pray for the person the card is to be sent to. I pray the card will arrive when the person needs to feel they are loved by God.

Our Sensing Hope prayers

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